Health and Safety Policy

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Why do I need a Health and Safety Policy?

Under UK Legislation if you employ 5 or more people then you require a safety policy. This policy will set out the requirements for management and staff and the appointment of responsible persons.

Your Health and Safety Policy should contain policy and procedures that cover your type of work as well as your office and other work areas. Our Policy contains the following:-

  • Company Policy Statement  ( Commitment to Health and safety Regulations)
  • Management Responsibilities (Outlines areas of responsibility)
  • Employee Responsibilities ( Covers safety issues and employee areas of responsibilty)
  • Health & Safety Advisor/Work place advisor ( Appointed Person/s)
  • Health & Safety Representative ( Employee Representitive Appointment etc)
  • Implementation of Policy
  • Consultation with employees
  • Risk Assessments (policy and examples)
  • Accidents and Near Miss reporting ( RIDDOR)
  • Health Surveillance
  • Emergency Procedures- Fire & Evacuation
  • Safe Plant & Equipment
  • Safe Handling and use of substances ( COSHH)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment and Portable appliance testing (PAT)
  • Welfare
  • Driving at Work
  • Lone Workers
  • Information Training & Supervision
  • Health & Safety Training Matrix
  • Office Safety- Checklists
  • Waste Management
  • Manual Handling
  • Working at Height
  • PUWER (Provision of work equipment regulations)
  • Our Current Policy is just under 50 pages long, this includes templates and forms, editing is a breeze using MSword and initally would take only 30 minutes to add the appointed persons names. The policy is available here for £39.99 and is delivered instantly by digital delivery within moments of your purchase.


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